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"I Put Hope On Canvas and Call It Art."



~ Brenda Caldwell, The Paper Towel Artist 

Creator of 3-Dimensional Canvas Sculptured Art


As you view Brenda Caldwell's "3-Dimensional Canvas Sculpted Art", created from paper towels, may you experience something that inspires, encourages or uplifts your spirit in a special way. 
"3-Dimensional Canvas Sculpted Art" combines the power of words and objects to birth "living art."

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Artist Statement

"I put hope on canvas and call it art and I use the art of spoken words and call it hope.  Whether it's putting it on walls, in halls or in hearts...from my mouth to my hands I am simply all things HOPE."

Brenda Caldwell - The Paper Towel Artist    & Sculptor

& The Ambassador of Hope


Inventor of "3-D Canvas Sculptured Art process using

Paper Towel medium"

Hope on Canvas Video
(Click to Watch)

How They See It...

I walked through the "Hope on Canvas" exhibit a couple of times and was mesmerized.  As I prepared to leave, I looked back and took one final sweeping view, and then it hit me...Hope visualized is hope REALIZED. This is the essence of "Hope on Canvas" 

Bonita Terry-Malone


This art is Phenomenal, Inventive, Innovative, Creative, Original and Extraordinary!

Victoria Wheatley


Soul stirring. Thought provoking. Heart Moving. Inspirational, Motivational and most of all... ANOINTED!

Victoria Minor


How? I How is she able to create such inspirational works of art from a simple medium of paper towels?! Dr. Brenda Caldwell's works of art is a true example that miracles are possible and affirms that with God, all things are possible.

Julia Content


Dr. Brenda Caldwell's art speaks life to the broken, as she takes ordinary paper towels and turns them into extraordinary 3-D masterpieces. WOW!

Evette Lockett


Seeing these stunning pieces in person literally made me stand still and gasp. The pieces are unmistakably alive and speak loudly. 

Donna Davis

Hope on Canvas Podcast with Dr Terry Ross and Teresa Cooper

(Click to Watch)

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