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"What others see as paper towels, I see as a potential masterpiece."

                                                           Brenda Caldwell

Brenda's Story of Becoming
"The Paper Towel Artist  " 

Inventor of "3-Dimensional Canvas Sculptured Art Process Using Paper Towel.
Dr. Brenda Caldwell's career as an award-winning artist began and almost ended in first grade after she won a contest, garnering local news coverage, a $100 savings bond, and a commemorative plaque to mark her achievement.  Despite this auspicious beginning, Brenda never touched art again until 2011, when a heartfelt commission from a loved one sparked an rediscovery of her love for creative expression.  While working on this first piece, she discovered a unique technique of using foam and typing paper to create a textured look.  Then, in 2014 it happened accidently.  Brenda's use of paper towels was discovered while wiping paint off her hands after painting strips of copy paper.  In that epiphany moment, she realized the paper towels had a thickness that gave birth to the invention of her process she calls "three-dimensional canvas sculpted art using paper towels".  Since then, she has been sculpting 3-dimensional art on canvas using paper towels as her medium to create everything from animals to musical instruments and even clothing. Each creation includes three-dimensional word art that conveys an inspirational "living art".  Her signature is a touch of sparkle that accentuates the brilliance of each piece of artwork. 


The self-proclaimed, Paper Towel Artist® and Sculptor was inspired to choose the name Paper Towel Artist after reading the story of Japanese artist, Chie Hitotsuyanagi, who creates fascinating life size sculptures of animals out of old newspapers.  Her story gave Brenda the confidence to develop her work using paper towels as her primary medium. She has applied for a patent for her process.  For most people, paper towels are simply for wiping up spills, but for Brenda, they serve a far greater purpose.  Her works have been featured in several galleries and exhibits for its experiential feel as "living art".  Fondly known as "Dr. B", Brenda's transformative art is an extension of her transformative work as a clinical therapist, an inspirational speaker for youth and adult audiences and author.  A native of Memphis, she hosted the first live auctioning of her works in 2015 in the city's historic Midtown arts district, where all ten of her exhibited pieces were sold in less than one hour. 
IMG-6911 (2).jpg
Since then, Brenda has been commissioned by individuals, businesses and organizations across the country and abroad to create her one-of-a kind original art. She says her artwork is influenced by her faith and deep desire to bring hope, healing and inspiration to others. A visionary artist, Brenda believes her artist statement sums her up best. "I put hope on canvas and call it art and I use the art of spoken words and call it hope. Whether it's putting it on walls, in halls or in hearts... from my mouth to my hands I am simply all things HOPE".
Meet The Paper Towel Artist - Brenda Caldwell

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